Světová místa Moravskoslezského kraje

Why travel around the globe
when you can find all the world’s beauties in our region?

Steel beauty

Lower Vítkovice as Hradčany, Prague

Just as the Hradčany hill is an unmistakable part of Prague, so too does the Lower Vítkovice Area symbolize Ostrava. The romantic seat of Czech kings versus the industrial beauty of mines and steel mills. The outlines of these two places somewhat resemble one another, wouldn't you say?

233 meters
length of the adrenalin board that leads to the top of the Bolt Tower

554 000 rivets
used at the construction of the former gas tank – today’s Gong multipurpose auditorium

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Romance, spiced up with horror

Trúba as the Galata Tower, Istanbul

If today a Turk visited Štramberk, a picturesque town at the foot of the Beskydy mountains, perhaps he could be reminded of his home town, Istanbul. That is because the dominating feature of Štramberk is the Trúba Tower, which conspicuously resembles the Galata Tower in the Turkish metropolis. Rather than a baklava, though, the locals are likely to serve you the local gingerbread delicacy - "Štramberk ears"!

800-year-long tradition
of baking “Štramberk ears”

166 stairs
lead up to the Trúba tower

Why travel around the globe
when you can find all the world’s beauties in our region?

New City Hall tower with a breath of Italy

New City Hall as the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

Do you know that it would not have taken much and Ostrava’s New City Hall tower would have looked like the famed tower in Florence? The Palazzo Vecchio was in fact inspiration for one of the architects, who wanted to spice up the tower with elements of Italian Renaissance. The idea did not catch on, but you can, with a large dose of imagination and exaggeration, see the similarity even today.

85.6 meters
height of the new town hall tower

year of construction of the tower’s paternoster lift

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Like a fairytale

Chateau in Hradec nad Moravicí as the Walt Disney castle

Hradec nad Moravicí will make you feel like you're in a Walt Disney fairytale. But did you know that this beautiful chateau had to wait a long time before the first fairytale movie was shot here?

16 stairs
to the Bezruč viewing point in the chateau park

60 years
of the classical music festival Beethoven’s Hradec

Why travel around the globe
when you can find all the world’s beauties in our region?

Automobiles with memories

Tatra Museum as the automobile museum in Mulhouse, France

It is crystal-clear that our region lives and breathes automobiles. And it has for quite a while now. If you are a fan of cars, your steps will most likely first take you to Kopřivnice. The town at the foot of the Beskydy mountains is linked with the phenomenal Tatra brand. The gems of the automobile world that can be found here will leave you as amazed as if you were in the French automobile museum in Mulhouse.

111 000 kilometers
is the distance travelled by Tatra 87 with the travelers Hanzelka and Zikmund during their first journey in 1947

is the number of times Stalin went for a ride in the Tatra 600 Tatraplán convertible, given to him as a gift. He was most likely scared of being assassinated.

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Through Opava with elegance

Opava as the Ringstrasse, Vienna

The Ringstrasse in Vienna is supposedly the most beautiful boulevard in the world. The grand street, lined with sumptuous palaces and wide parks, was a dream come true for the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I. It was also the pride of Austria-Hungary. Did you know Opava had its own Ringstrasse?

1 kilometer
length of the City Parks of Opava educational trail

Opava becomes the capital of Austrian Silesia

Why travel around the globe
when you can find all the world’s beauties in our region?

The unique Slezská Harta

Slezská Harta as Lake District, England

Gaze onto the peaceful surface of the Slezská Harta dam and perhaps it will take you to England's largest national park, Lake District. If the dam could talk, though, it would say it was not interested in being compared. It is unique.

70 kilometers
of bike paths in the area

extinct volcanoes

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Adrenalin in Jeseníky

Bílá Opava as the Bärenschützklamm gorge, Austria

Are you attracted to hiking in the mountains among wild waterfalls and steep cliffs? Don't go looking too far away - just like Austria has its Bärenschützklamm gorge, which attracts tourists from all over the world, so do Jeseníky have their Bílá Opava river.

6 kilometers
of hiking

8 height in meters
of the highest waterfall of Bílá Opava

Why travel around the globe
when you can find all the world’s beauties in our region?

Little Moravian Mirabell

Chateau Kunín as the Mirabell Palace, Austria

There are two love stories. The first describes the passionate love that enchanted a high-ranking church clerk. The other tells the tale of the love of science and the desire to change society for the better. Mirabell and Kunín, aside from love, are also connected through the famous European architect Hildebrandt.

16 historical chambers
await you on this guided tour

21 number of years
the stork couple Viktor and Markéta have been nesting on the chateau chimney

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Ostrava's Mount Vesuvius never sleeps!

Mound Ema as the Mount Vesuvius volcano, Italy

Did you know that people in Ostrava made their own hills? If you find that hard to believe, go take a walk on mound Ema. The hill is very close to the city's zoo and was formed by piling up waste rocks, called overburden, from the nearby coal mines. All the mound needed was "just" several million tons of extracted rock and Ostrava's Vesuvius, as the locals call it, was born!

8 meters
is the amount by which mound Ema collapsed into itself due to the ongoing process of burning inside the mound.

1 550 °C
temperature inside the mound

Why travel around the globe
when you can find all the world’s beauties in our region?

It's not the Loire, it's the Raduňka!

Raduň residence as chateau Azay-le-Rideau, France

The French river Loire is not the only European waterway to flow under a beautiful chateau. The Czech river Raduňka is tough competition; some could even easily confuse it with Azay-le-Rideau, one of the most frequented chateaus on the Loire.

tour options

16 000
books in the chateau library

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Himalayan Valaška

The Valaška Trail as a Himalayan rope bridge, Bhutan

A suspension bridge made of manually tied ropes. Bright-colored prayer flags flutter at the ends of the bridge. In the Himalayas, similar bridges are used to transfer up to 150 kilograms of cargo on yaks. The only difference is that you are not in the Himalayas, but rather in the Sky Walk, only a few steps away from the Pustevny peak in Beskydy.

150 meters
length of the Himalayan rope bridge

21 000
screws, rivets and other links used in construction

Why travel around the globe
when you can find all the world’s beauties in our region?

Harry Potter at Osoblaha

Osoblaha narrow-gauge railway as the Hogwarts Express, UK

When riding on the Osoblaha steam locomotive, you will fell just like Harry Potter on his trip to Hogwarts. The fairytale ride on the narrow-gauge railway from Třemešná ve Slezsku to Osoblaha offers spellbinding views of this forgotten region.

20 kilometers
length of the narrow-gauge railway

102 bends
along the way

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We will build a new and better one!

Ostrava-Poruba as St. Petersburg, Russia

Grandiose construction, megalomanic plans, the showcase of socialist realism. The "New Ostrava" project remains a source of fascination even now, 70 years after its initiation. Especially since the inspiration came from cities as different as St. Petersburg and Paris.

11 tons
weight of the glacial erratic boulder in Poruba

longest distance, in meters, between two good cafés on the main boulevard (Hlavní třída)

Why travel around the globe
when you can find all the world’s beauties in our region?

Mute guards of the Czechoslovak borders

Border bunkers, just like at the Maginot Line, France

Czechoslovakia had good relations with France since the first Czechoslovak republic was founded. The younger democracy has also taken much inspiration from the land of the Gallic rooster. One such inspired aspect was the construction of fortified structures that were supposed to protect the country from Nazi Germany. The fortification was brought to perfection – see for yourselves the unique structures in Bohumín and Darkovičky.

military structures in Darkovičky

the number of days it took to lay down the concrete for the ´Na Trati´ bunker in Bohumín

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Taking it easy in Ostrava

Center of Ostrava as Copenhagen, Denmark

Did you know that you could experience the atmosphere of Copenhagen in Ostrava as well? In the same way you can discover the beautiful nooks of Denmark's capital from the seat of your bike, you can also sit down in the local stylish establishments or go for a stroll along the Ostravice river waterfront. Discover "Little Copenhagen"!

723 years
the age of St. Wenceslas’s church, the oldest building in Ostrava’s “Little Copenhagen” (“Malá Kodaň”) district

3x more beer
is drunk by Czechs than by Danes. So then, why do Czechs say that one drinks like a Dane? 🙂

Why travel around the globe
when you can find all the world’s beauties in our region?

No goal is too small

Vítkovice as the miner colonies in Manchester, UK

For a small moment, transport yourself to the industrial city of Manchester! Discover Vítkovice, a district of Ostrava, boasting well-preserved red brick architecture. Have a listen to the stories of industrialist families, who fulfilled their visionary dreams in both Ostrava and Manchester.

the year that Ostrava-Vítkovice was declared a historic district

3 bells
from Vítkovice cast iron in St. Paul’s church on Mírové náměstí square