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Vítkovice as the miner colonies in Manchester, UK

Travel in your thoughts to Manchester, UK, which, just like Ostrava, is replete with industrial architecture, city quarters built of red bricks and a great industrial history!

Have a listen to the stories of the families of industrialists, who fulfilled their visionary dreams in both Ostrava and Manchester. The British Lever brothers, founders of Unilever, a world-renowned producer of drugstore products, built an entire village including a hospital, school and swimming pool for their workers. The same line of thinking was adopted by Paul Kupelwieser, the manager of the then-called Vítkovice Steel Mill and founder of New Vítkovice. Aside from the worker’s colonies, the modern district also offered a girl’s school, hospital, town hall, cafeteria for employees and boys’ dormitories.

The workers’ colonies are conducive to a walk even today. Have a peek into the Štítová, Josefínská or Sirotčí colonies. You can also admire the other building that survived from the New Vítkovice era – the town hall or St. Paul’s church on Mírové náměstí. And then head out to the Lower Vítkovice Area!

Availability of tours in English

Narrated tours of the Vítkovice district are provided by the Ostrava Information Center. To book a tour in English, please call us at least 5 days in advance at +420 724 166 992 or book by email at pruvodce@ostravainfo.cz.

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In Vítkovice, don’t forget to visit the former Lower Vítkovice industrial complex, truly one of the top experiences to be had in Ostrava.

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What not to miss in the area